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Project Description
When using variations out of the box, SharePoint will only sync publishing pages and subsites created in the root variation site.
This project tries to extend this functionality so all lists and items/documents will get synced.

The code will use all available events to sync the variant sites with the source variation site. Events currently handled:
  • FieldAdded
  • FieldUpdated
  • FieldDeleting
  • ItemAdded
  • ItemDeleting
  • ItemUpdated
  • ListAdded
  • ListDeleting

The goal is to make the syncing process as complete as possible meaning that whatever CRUD operation that happens in the source variation will be replicated to the variant sites.

This is a first stable version which already covers a lot of scenarios if you always work correctly, meaning you only do CRUD operations in the source variation site.
Because there are so many different scenarios that could happen this code of course is not 100% bullet proof although I tried to take as many scenarios as possible into account. Things that could go wrong for example are the operations that are done during the asynchronous events.

Anyway, you can use this code as a base for your own extended variations version. I will also continue to improve and extend it.

If you have suggestions or questions you can always drop me an email.

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